Momentum Building to Defend the Kosciuszko Bridge with Wolves & Swords

Now that the new Kosciuszko Bridge is officially open, the city has vowed to demolish the old one. Dates have not been confirmed for the two-day demolition, but the city plans to begin sometime in July.

Thousands have already shown interest in the demolition of the bridge, but until now no one has pledged to defend the honor of the old Kosciuszko:

A band of costumed warriors are pledging to defend the “true” Kosciuszko Bridge from demolition this summer with wolves and swords, according to a Facebook event that promises hundreds of attendees… Bushwick resident and web developer Brian Hersey, 41, is the event’s creator, who planned the gathering when news broke that the bridge would be demolished…

“Somebody needs to speak up for this old bridge and that’s what we’re doing,” he said.

He encouraged attendees to come garbed in warrior costumes, but pointed out that real swords are illegal in New York City.

The idea is “for people to wind up in the same space and do something stupid instead of just taking videos and posting on social media,” he said.

As of this posting, the event page has 603 attendees with 1,400 expressing interest. Long live the original Kosciuszko!

Join a band of dedicated warriors as we gather our strength and battle against the invasive Bridge-bringers who are our sworn enemies. All you faithful supporters of the TRUE KOSCIUSZKO BRIDGE know that the TIME OF FIRE is upon us, and we must bring pain to our enemies and their allies.

Join us as we form a circle of sword wiedling human warriors and their wolf warrior brethern. Together between the strength of WOLF AND IRON we shall bring defeat to our enemies, and the true KOSCIUSZKO BRIDGE shall stand for another day, and the imposter FALSE BRIDGE shall fall into the seas of Newtown for all eternity.

Source: Free Williamsburg – Momentum building to defend the Kosciuszko Bridge with wolves & swords