I’d been thumbing through my Facebook feed, last summer, when I first came across a video of comedian couple, Chicklet and Maleni. Chicklet, whose real name is Steven Negron, had been attempting to stunt on Instagram with a bottle of D’usse. That the bottle was actually filled with Iced Tea instead of the luxury-lifestyle cognac was beside the point. The point was presentation and how—with the right caption, context, and filter—no one knows, or will be able to tell, the difference. With a Fendi purse slung around his torso, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” blaring in the background, a bottle of “D’usse” in one hand, and his iPhone in the other, no one could tell him anything. This is where Maleni comes in.

If there’s anyone to credit for Brooklyn’s reputation to keep it real, it’s the women who live here. No matter how strong you believe your poker face to be, trust that a Brooklyn woman’s ability to pull your card is even stronger. Maleni Cruz, who grew up in East New York’s Linden Boulevard Projects, is one of those women. Those women who will rhetorically ask you, “What the fuck are you doin’?” not because they want an answer, but because it’s a question we often don’t ask ourselves, enough—especially when we’re trying to stunt for people on the Gram. People who we think expect the world of us, but who could really care less about the world we actually live in. The world that exists outside of a social media square.

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