The New School’s Luke Hodina interviews 2018 NBCC Non-Fiction Award Finalist Frances FitzGerald about her book The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America For the past four years, the National Book Critics Circle has partnered with The New School’s MFA Creative Writing program, allowing the students to interview each of the NBCC Awards Finalists. In addition to building excitement […]

Name: Sara McDonald Age: 26 Neighborhood: Kensington Most Likely To: Get sick to my stomach during something important, but in high school I was voted most likely to host my own talk show. Favorite Quote: “Don’t try.” (meaning, do it) As a young kid, Sara McDonald would canvass her neighborhood asking for donations to fund her latest musical endeavor. By […]

Age:​ ​28 Pronouns:​ She/Her Neighborhood:​ ​Cobble Hill Most​ ​Likely​ ​To:​ ​Ask For Your Wifi Password Immediately Upon Entering Your Home Favorite​ ​Quote:​ ​“Everything is copy.” – Nora Ephron If you’ve seen young people’s voices amplified, there’s a good chance Taylor Trudon was working in the background. Formerly the editor of the Huffington Post’s Teen vertical […]

PHOTOGRAPHY Zach Gross Last night, the entertainment & storytelling studio, Topic, hosted an important discussion on what identity is, and what it means to us inside the beautiful Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights. Investigative reporter Nicholas Kulish kicked off last night’s discussion, speaking about his discrepancies between how the world sees him versus how he sees himself as […]