From Academy Records to Captured Tracks – a record store crawl through Greenpoint

Now that summer has fully arrived, an afternoon exploring record stores is a great way to experience Greenpoint and discover new music. Greenpoint has seven stores selling records, ranging from quality shops for vinyl aficionados to unusual, interesting experiences. Below is a list of Greenpoint record stores and a map to help you plan your route.

Academy Records
85 Oak St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Academy Records is largest record store in Greenpoint. Formerly located on North 6th in Williamsburg, it migrated to its current Greenpoint location a few years ago. It has a great selection of rock with used records on the left, new on the right.
I’ve brought: African Electronic Music 1975-1982, The Who, Live at Lives, and Francis Bebe.

Co-op 87
87 Guernsey St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Co-op 87 is perhaps the smallest, and coolest, record store in Greenpoint. Located serenely off of McCarrren Park, it is in the same building as the Mexican Summer record label. It has a well curated mix of records with some interesting finds. Open until 9pm.
I’ve brought: Dizzy and Django, Jazz from Paris

Captured Tracks
195 Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Captured Tracks record store is affiliated with the Captured Tracks record label. The record store is good place to chill in the evenings. It has a large bin of new arrivals in the front of the store to peruse and it’s open until 10pm. It has a variety of genres, including a section devoted to Captured Tracks artists.

Record Grouch
986 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Located in the heart of Greenpoint, Record Grouch is where Greenpoint locals hang-out. It has some unique, sought-after records and perhaps the best name in Greenpoint.

Dream Fishing Tackle
673 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

The one-stop shop for fishing supplies, vintage furniture and used records. The records are a growing proportion of the store’s business. Large selection of popular classic rock records, however they could be better organized. I’ve bought: Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks and Prince, Purple Rain

Film Noir Cinema
122 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Having recently moved from its previous location by Five Leaves, the film noir DVD store has grown into a film noir theater! It still sells some records, including some Krautrock collectibles. I want to buy: Amon Duul II

The Thing
1001 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Thing sells stuff you’d find on a stoop sale. It has a very large collection of used records that are completely unorganized (as far as I can tell). Picture if someone collected hundreds of boxes of records from estate sales and then set those boxes down in the back of the store. Prices are low and the condition of many records  can vary from severely scratched to tragically warped, but if you spend the time you can perhaps find something worth buying.

— Michael Swanson

Source: Free Williamsburg – From Academy Records to Captured Tracks – a record store crawl through Greenpoint